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First of all the term, "Program performance Monitoring & Control" this has to be analyzed in more detail before I answer the main question

In general, the term "Monitoring" refers to perform tracking, reviewing, supervising the program's progress, identify any changes etc.

Whereas the term "Controlling" refers to taking necessary actions. Two types of actions which are primarily involved are a) preventive actions b) corrective actions.

Hence all the activities related to both "Monitoring" & "Controlling" will goes hand-in-hand. PMI acknowledges this fact hence these 2 are not mentioned in isolation both in PMBok & SPM.

Now the next question will be how program stakeholders will be kept informed about the program's progress (monitoring) & necessary actions required Or taken (Controlling) ? The answer will be through

"program performance reports". These reports are expected to contain past, present, future information about the holistic program's progress related to the necessary progress information about all component projects, benefits achieved, future course of actions etc. Also, these reports are expected to be delivered to stakeholders in defined frequencies on ongoing basis.. !!!

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