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PMI has given a beautiful definition for stakeholders which has to be seen in a deeper view to answer this question:

Who are "stakeholders"

- "An individual / department / organization who can influence the program (or) influenced by the program in a positive or negative way"

There are lots of debates in management community who criticize & have conflicting views / opinion about "negative stakeholders". The question is do we need to add our competitors names & details in the "Stakeholder register" and name them as "negative stakeholders". If so, why ? what value it gives in my program ?

Answer is, Let's say for an example you are working in a product based company and developing a new product to launch in the market through your program. One of the important exercise you as a program manager expected to perform is "market analysis". During this process, you will carefully analyze the competency of your product in line with the existing product in the market, existing customer satisfaction level & future expectations, competitors strength, key players / competitors in the market etc. so that you can strengthen the "product requirement". Hence, its very important to identify the competitors as stakeholders and label them as "negative" because their progress may negatively influence the progress of your program and vice versa:-)

Additionally, I can give one more example about "negative stakeholders" in a completely different dimension:

Take an example of a Program related to Construction industry:

A Program which is going to build a "Metro Rail" program which connect major cities within the country:

Unfortunately, the identified locations for this program to construct Metro rail was within the city limits which is a residential location where already there are many people living in that area.

So, for this program, the residents of this location may be in the category of "Negative stakeholder group' because they don't want such program to get initiated in their area because of the fear of losing their property

For the Program team, its important to identify those stakeholder's impact and how they are going to get compensated, how they will be relocated & where, when etc. need to carefully analyzed & gain buy-in from those stakeholders and implement it before occupying the land. All this will be covered as part of "Stakeholder management strategy".

SPM also emphasizes the point "When negative impacts are unavoidable, mitigation strategies must be provided FARILY & in a TIMELY manner".

This is a very important statement in such circumstance....

Hope you may find all the above information are good food for thought :-)

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