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Fundamentally a "Component" can be a project, sub program, other work (i.e any operational initiatives)

Within the program life cycle, the components are initiated / terminated as part of the program benefits delivery stage.

"Approving component initiation" is in-line with "Project initiation" process outlined based on PMBok best pracitces.

One of the important activity is issuing "project charter" which outlines the authority level & commitments in high level. That includes who is the project manager and what level of accountability, authority that individual holds in that project etc. will be outlined in the charter. Also, in addition to that there will be certain resources identified in the components and their level of involvements, accountability, authority will be specified during this stage. for example: "Subject Matter Experts" (SME) their availability will be generally a constraint across components. Hence it can be covered as part of this process.

In the similar context "Approving component termination" is in-line with "project closure" process outlined based on PMBok best practices. For example: As a part of resource release, Certain component resources may move to operations team as part of program benefits transition process hence their role, responsibility, accountability, authority may get updated as part of this transition process.

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