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Business case - justifies the necessity of the program in the first place which contains the market analysis, financial analysis etc.

Program Plan - High level planning document for the program which contains the intended benefits, about components, strategic alignment details etc.

Both the above documents are created during program formulation phase. The development of these program artifacts are iterative in nature and one or more of these artifacts are often updated once more details about the program and / or components are available.

Program mandate - Normally issued by portfolio board. By issuing a program mandate, the performing organization confirms its commitment of the organizational resources to the program and this triggers the program initiation phase.

Goals & Objectives:

Basically Goals & Objecitves goes hand-in-hand

Goals can be short term / Long term. The characteristics of the goals are broad, general intentions & intangible in nature

Objectives are set based on the goals and which are very, specific, narrow, precise & tangible in nature.

During initial period goals are identified and based on the goals the objectives are set accordingly and can be measured through key performance indicators (kpi)s / SMART approach in order to measure the set objectives.

Example: "Clearing PgMP certificaiton" is a certification aspirant's goal. Objective will be "To clear PgMP within next 5 months & not spending more than 2000 USD".

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