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"Strategic mandate" is quite different from "program mandate"

Strategic mandate is developed based on vision, mission, goals of the organization which talks from the portfolio level language.

Program mandate defines this program is the appropriate means to achieve the intended benefits & organization's commitment to the necessary resources in order to support the program.

For example: Portfolio management issues a strategic mandate where one of the objective within the mandate states in next financial year we should obtain 30% return for the investment.

To support this strategic mandate, the market analysts team analysed various investment markets and comes with the proposed business case which shows the possible investment returns if we undertake a program in 1) retail market with RoI of 35% per annum 2) Textile market with RoI of 32% per annum 3) IT market with RoI of 40% per annum 4) Telecom market with RoI of 31% per annum. Now, the portfolio anlayzed all the 4 business case with the proposed RoI and agreed in initiating programs related to IT market & Retail market. Now they issue a "Program mandate" for both programs and which trigger the program initiation.

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