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Basically, Program manager & Program governance both have certain key roles in resource disposition as part of program closure upon completion of benefits delivery.

Program manager's role is to execute the program transition plan (upon completion of program benefits delivery) during program closure. For example: One of the activity will be to move resource from existing program components to operations team so that those resources will be working on benefits sustainment phase. However, program manager perform this role under the supervision of the governance board. Because governance validate the transition phase deliverable & take key decisions as appropriate in every stage within the program.

key point to be noted is when it comes to resource disposition to "other programs" definitely its not possible by program manager where if program manager manages only single program but its possible only by program governance if the governance functions are centralized across multiple programs.

For example: If exam questions says that there are 5 programs governed under single program governance so during closure of program 1 how the resource disposition happens from program 1 to other programs ? definitely program governance (not program manager). however, program manager still play a role in that program in resource disposition to perform the program transition as applicable as per the transition plan within that program to disposition resources (not outside the program where program manager may not have the visibility about the resource requirements to other program where only program governance may have that visibility in such instances in case the governance functions are centralized across programs in that organization). In such instances, the governance will work with the respective program managers to maintain the resource (Supply Vs Demand) ratio accordingly.

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