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You may expect code of ethics related question most likely to appear in the exam.

When it comes to code of ethics there are several areas of focus. Some specific areas are:

* Adherence to International human rights law (eg. related to acceptable work timing, conditions, existence of quality, safety procedures etc.)

* "Equality" (in-equality / mark of slavery / human rights violation in any form / any type of bias could be religious, nationality, gender, caste, appearence, language etc. in any form is a big NO-NO)

* Handling "Conflict of Interest" situation - I hope your query is related to this.

Normally when it comes to "Conflict of Interest" situation you may get choices

a. excuse yourself

b. Inform senior management about the potential conflict of interest & seek direction

(please note program sponsor can be also part of program governance most likely a chair person to program governance. Also, within the senior management group who can take key program decisions)

Option "b" is considered to be a best choice in such type of questions.

Its very important to discuss with senior management about the potential conflict of interest situation and its management to decide on whether to accept the risk related to conflict of interest and authorize you to continue in those program deliverables where you were pre-assigned. So, a decision making has to happen to protect your interest & program interest both...!!!

"Excuse youself" has also having a negative edge as "escaping from responsibliities". You may excuse yourself only when you are asked to do certain un-ethical practice which you are not suppose to do as per PMI best practice where PMI considers all applicants are performing the duties in their respective program within the professional grounds. So in those instances, excuse yourself is considered to be the right choice.

For example:

If a question says "you are being promoted in your company but the promotion is valid only when you accept the offer as a program manager role and move to a country where in that country they dont pay equal wages to men & women for the same work" what is your next course of action?

This quesiton focus on "in-equality" in this case,

"excuse yourself" in taking such assignments will be the best choice.

So, code of ethics plays in multi-dimensional role you should carefully understand the direction of the question and make your choice accordingly...:-)

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