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The primary purpose for the existence of program level governance is to ensure "All the intended program benefits / program deliverables are aligned with the strategic goals & objectives" and within the program all components function in a well co-ordinated way.

-- If the program is not strategically aligned, then the program's existence itself will be questioned so as the value of governance.

Similarly, if the components are not well-coordinated and dont function on a common outcome then the fundamental principle of program management fails. In such events, it's better to manage such efforts as individual projects than as a common program...:-)

Hence its program governance responsibility is to ensure program functions based on these set objectives.

Questions can cross boundaries & also sometimes it will be like in a brain teaser mode. For instance:

Which one of the below is correct statement ?

* Programs are initiated to satisfy the portfolio objective

* Portfolios are developed to satisfy the program objective

* Component projects within a program can function as stand alone projects

* Strategic alignment from portfolio level in an organization can exists only within the program level & not project level

-- Such questions try to test the test taker's ability to pick the right choice based on their level of understanding in SPM concepts. To answer this question correctly, the candidate should know why all the other 3 are incorrect which means technically the candidate is answering 4 questions by answering 1 question :-) Answering to this question, choice 1 is correct. rest of the statements are incorrect.

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