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The answer is "NO"

The recommended PMP study approach is based on "follow the flow" approach

For example: If a PMP certification aspirant who follows the pages of Rita Mulcahy material in the right sequence will most likely clears the PMP exam

But PgMP study approach is totally different its based on "Learning by challenging" which means a PgMP aspirant while reading every concept should challenge themselves and see it in multi-dimenstional view point by asking questions if, but, how, when, what, where,who, why and try to relate the processes, artifacts, people involved in those concepts and try to link them to see the value proposition comes out of every concept...

Roughly speaking, if you spend 2 minutes in reading a concept then you may need to spend 20 minutes in analysing the concepts. that's the way to do your exam preparation for PgMP exam.....

PgMP exam tests your attitude about your decision making in a given situation / scenario with respect to a concept. Most of the questions will be scenario / situation based and the exam will be conducted based on a strong psychometric analysis process which tests the psychology of the candidate in effectively managing large Programs in line with PMI based best practices. Hence your critical thinking & presence of mind, indepth understanding on concepts is very important to beat the beast...!!!

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