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Congrats to Eng. Hatem Shabaan for clearing PgMP Certification

Hello All, I would like to inform that, a couple of hours ago, I did make it and passed PgMP exam, Mar. 10, 2016.

Five months ago, I had had PgMP foundation course, provided by my company training center. It was very informative class and good starting point for my PgMP journey. As a preparation for that journey, I did build my exam preparation-studying plan. I did my best to follow the due dates for all tasks. (I am willing to share it with you so kindly feel free to ask for sending you one). Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail, so it is so important to set up your PgMP exam studying plan from day one and execute it. I did allocate three after-hour/day, five days/week (weekends, for family commitments), for catching up the studying knowledge. The key success factors in my exam preparation were as the following: Understand every single word of PMI-SPM v3. I did consider that book as my single point of knowledge as I used to write down any comments, notes and gained knowledge alongside the related subject book. Practice and answer as many PgMP questions. I did use “PgMP Advance Scenario Question Bank” by Anoup. I did repeat thoroughly reading SPM (at least five times). I did create my power points slides to link the Program life Cycle phases with Supporting Process and list down the primary outputs (I am willing to share it with you). It helped me a lot, especially during the last hour-exam review. Also, I did create an excel sheet; I call it “who does what” listing down all roles and responsibilities of many Program stakeholders, based on my SPM studying. (Again feel free to ask for sending you one). Last not least, my special thanks to

Dr. Ginger for creating PgMP Credential Network group, to help in sharing the Lessons Learned and other PgMP Knowledges. Mr. Maher Al Khadra, for his successful foundation course and workshop. Mr. Anoup for his excellent question bank . Mr. Dharam, for keep posting his informative articles and I am waiting to know your kind info, regarding my PgMP worldwide #.

Kindly, feel free to ask any questions.

Best Regards,

Hatem Shabaan

Eng. Hatem is one of the first 50 PgMP Credential holder in Saudi Arabia

Refernce link:

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