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Congrats to Mr. David Masterson for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed the PgMP Exam Today - July 5th 2014

My 3 year journey and final 4 months of disciplined preparation coupled with several hundred hours of study and mentoring/coaching was the key to my success. I would like to thank the following individuals for their support, advice, and coaching:

• Dr Ginger Levin

• Dharam Singh

• Anup Kumar

• Martial Bellec

• Jean Gouix

• Brian Grafsgaard

• Bernie Nally

• Countless others that have offered advice and tips.


I highly recommend attending a boot camp for your preparation. I found Ginger’s bootcamp combined with Dharam and Anup’s coaching to be key. You need to spend a lot of time with the Standard and that includes SPMv3 and SPMv2 with emphasis on SPMv3. Note there are inconsistencies between the two standards that have to be factored in. This is a test that focuses on CRITICAL THINKING and not memorization so throw out the idea that you will pass this test by taking the memorize and brain dump approach.

Approach this exam as if you are managing a Program and remember to weave together the Exam Blueprint (ECO) with the Standards (V3 and V2) along with PMBOKv5 and other industry readings as recommended by Ginger and others.

To all of the Aspiring PgMPs—Good Luck! Please continue your diligence and interact with others in study groups and mentors for help. I wish you all the best.

-- David

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