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Congrats to Mr. Eswara Kosaraju for clearing PgMP credential

Miracles do happen. Cleared PgMP


Happy to let you know that I have cleared PgMP yesterday. Whew. Quite an exhaustive and (finally!) rewarding experience.

As expected, 90% of questions are scenario based and almost everyone of them is not less than five sentences. Straight-forward questions are very few and far between.

Final score is "Target" close to the "Above Target" line By domain, Strategic Program Management, Stakeholder Management and Governance came in as "Above Target" while PLC and Benefits Management came in as "Target".

Question bank really helped and gave me a sense of what to expect, but the actual test questions were even more tougher than anticipated - only practical experience combined with clear understanding and interpretation of the standard will help clear the exam.

Thank you for helping me out on this journey.This would not have been possible without your guidance and support.



Mr. Eshwar is one of the first 200 PgMP Credential holder in India

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