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Congrats to Mr. Fenson Francis for clearing PgMP Certification

Cleared PgMP on 5th feb 2015

Finally the journey for attaining PgMP credential culminated yesterday by passing the exam. And lucky to do this in first attempt.

Following are the study materials that helped me in achieving this mile stone

1. Big thanks to Anup for his study material, question bank and continuous support in directing, clarifying my doubts.

2. SPM V3, Have no count of the number of times I have referred this document, but have spend good quality time on this document.

3. Ginger Levin PGMP study guide and exam question & implementing program management.

4. Eco task ( reviewed four times)

5. Self study material prepared from the above guides which finally became the document for revision for me. This approach has helped in mapping the different process and understand the concept properly.

6. Did not go through the PMBOK but Anups material had relevant concept required from PMBOK

Finally some LL from the exam

1. Would recommend at least one practise exam preferably on line in exam condition before taking actual exam. I did not do this and faced consequences in exam with difficulty in properly timing the questions.

2. Have to properly use the review , mark option in the exam effectively while ensuring that all questions are answered and needed question are reviewed again.

3. First two hours of exam is the most productive hours so don't mind in skipping some questions and answer this later.

4. Exam has difficult/ medium and easy question but it is scattered all through 170 questions.

Once again thank to all who had put valuable comments/ clarification in various PgMP related groups in linkedin.

Best of Luck for all aspirants



Mr. Fenson is one of the First 100 PgMP credential holder in India & 2nd PgMP from the state of Kerala....!!!

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