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Congrats to Mr. Khafid Gbadamosi for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed PgMP Today... Thank you and LL

A big thank you to Dr. Ginger and Anup Kumar for all their assistance from application preparation to studying and finally passing the exam.

I will like to share that I passed it on 3rd trial all in the month of July 5th, 24th and 29th....

1st attempt 07/05: I took it with a Project Management mindset applied to programs and definitely failed it. Had Dr. Ginger's books and just couldn't get time to study and the date cropped up on me. FAILED!

2nd Attempt 07/24: Reached out to Anup Kumar and got his materials, studied the materials and gained a lot of confidence but, went against his advice and took the exam too soon. FAILED!

3rd Attempt 07/29: Did a full gap analysis from the exam, Dr. Ginger's practice test and Anup Kumar's test bank. PASSED!

GREATEST LESSON: Never approach PgMP with a Project Management mindset no matter how good you are managing programs with Project Management. Program Management has its own framework, deliverable and process flow!

Big thanks again to Dr. Ginger Levin and Anup Kumar!


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