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Congrats to Mr. Manish Arora for clearing PgMP crendential

I Passed PgMP on first attempt Yay !

Today marks the beginning of a new phase in my career , work on Programs as a PgMP certified practitioner . I did all the study on my own , no partner , no study group , no boot camps , thats why it took me 6 months ( working a full time job ) to crack this. Here are few tips and lessons learnt as other similar posts helped me a lot as well.


- SPM V3 - Its confusing and repetitive , but its “the” text that you have to gobble up to clear this exam . It doesn’t matter what else you know beside this , this is what counts

- ECO - Again repetitive , the order of tasks doesn’t make sense to me , tried to remember it as much as I could , but I don’t think it really made a difference , the descriptions are unnecessary long and confusing .

- PMI Code of Ethics - Good to brush up , had couple of questions in the exam which were straight from this text

- Exam - Questions were far harder than I ever experienced in any of the mock tests , paid demo exams , questions were lengthy , very situational and at times very confusing , as you are told a piece of info about the scenario and you have to guess others ( like how Org culture is , what’s the risk appetite of senior exec etc ) which in real world makes all the difference.

- Material Used : Besides PMI material , I studied Dr Ginger’s guide , Jean Gouix & Martial Bellec PgMP guide , PMO Advisory 3 paid mock tests . Eng Hathem was kind enough to send me some of his study material & Anup Kumar sent his intro guide presentation for preparing for this exam . Thanks to all of you .

- Exam Day : I found a link on Anup’s post which led me to a blog post , it gave a nice trick about dividing the exam duration in to 30 min chunks and give your self a target number of questions to finish , that really helped me to keep my focus on the clock ( as time runs much faster then you think ) , I would like to modify that slightly now that I have taken the exam to start the 30 min clock backwards from 240


Thanks and good luck !

-- Manish

Mr. Manish is one of the first 200 PgMP Credential holder in India

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