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Congrats to Mr. Prem Balasubramanian for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed my PgMP exam last Friday

I passed my PgMP exam last Friday after 5 months of part-time self-study. Thanks to this group for sharing their experience in preparing for and taking this tough exam.


I prepared for the exam using the study material listed below which has been shared by others in this group.


. Program Mgmt experience

. SPM v3 and v2

. PgMP practice test & study guide (Levin & Ward)

. PgMP Exam Chalenge (Levin)

. PgMP Exam Prep & Study Guide (Gouix & Bellec)

. Question bank (Anup)

. ECO diagrams (Dharam)

. PMP Exam Prep (Mulcahy)


My advice - go through the above material (especially SPM v3 and ECO) and map concepts to domain and phases and practise the full-exam quiz from Levin/Ward and Gouix/Bellec books in 4 hours and review incorrect answers for further study. I found the quiz from Levin/Ward to be a bit harder than the exam!! During the exam, watch the clock and pace yourself. I was forced to sprint to the finish during the last hour as I was falling behind. I relied on pure adrenaline and focus to complete all the questions with about 3 minutes to spare to review the marked questions.


Thanks to Anup for application review and support. Good luck to future aspirants.

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