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Congrats to Mr. Rahul Tamhankar for clearing PgMP Certification

Cleared PgMP exam on 23rd October'2015


Glad to share with all participants to this group, that I cleared my PgMP exam on 23rd October.

My sincere thanks to all groups members who have helped by sharing Lesson learned, exam tips and special thanks to:


1. Anup Kumar : A great mentor, guide and supporter. He is always available for clarifying doubts and his training materials are excellent add-on to prepare for the exam.


2. Dr.Ginger Levin: your material on PgMP certification was of great help. I doubt if anyone can skip your excellent study material in PgMP preparation


Below are my lessons learned, there are couple of things that really helped me apart from all the reading


a. Do plan and take breaks during exam: its difficult exam as compared to PMP so it's difficult to keep focus, concentration throughout exam duration. It's wise to take break in between (of course not too long) which will help to re-focus and get concentration back. You will realize that after break; you can answer next 20-30 questions quickly and compensate the lost time


b. Marking Questions: I am not great fan of marking questions so I would recommend keeping number of marked questions at minimum. At end of 4 hours, there is possibility that your mind will be so exhausted that you will start seeing all 4 answers same :-). So go with best option at first before marking question so even if you run out time/brain exhausted you have selected the best possible option


The exam is concept based and real life experience of managing a program does help. I am thankful to have cleared it in first attempt.


Thanks once again to all and Best Of Luck to all the future aspirants

Reference Link:

Mr. Rahul is one of the fist 100 PgMP credential holder from India

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