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Congrats to Mr. Salah Haswah for clearing PgMP Certification

I passed my PgMP Exam on Feb 16, 2015

I would like to thank my friend Mohammed Askar ( for his guidance and support to prepare for the PgMP exam, he provided a valuable insight on the material and exam. I would like to share in return my insights and experience from this, first I followed the below steps to prepare for the exam:

1. Read PgMP Standard (PMI)

2. Read Exam Content Outline (PMI)

3. Read PgMP Exam Preparation (Jean Gouix & Martial Bellec)

4. Practice on questions bank (Anup Kumar)

5. Review PgMP Handbook (Mohammed Askar) - Excellent summary of PgMP material

In my humble opinion, I think PgMP material itself is not difficult. However the way PgMP standard is presented and structured is scattered which makes it difficult to grasp and sort it in an interconnected manner.

The PgMP Handbook helped me to put pieces together and have a proper overview of the PgMP material that gave me an excellent boost for the exam.

I hope that would help and I wish the best for everyone. Thanks.

- Salah


Reference Link:

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