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Congrats to Mr. Shafeek for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed PgMP in 1st attempt

Cleared My PgMP on last Thursday April 14...


I must thank this group specially Dr. Ginger Levin,Brian Williamson, Anup Kumar, Jean Gouix Ramani and Lot more people


The first step was to inform my Circles to Challenge myself for PgMP


At the beginning of studies nearly 6 months back, to be honest I had underestimated that it can be achieved in the same way obtained my PMP after 3 weeks crash study

So booked the exam on Nov 2015 . After I realized that it is not just only (yes it is but)about Studying SPM and ECO and gaining experiences , but also it is a time consuming Job , with a mix of reading ,visualizing the scenarios , observing the day to day works and lot more exercises leveling the thought process and aligning with the bast practices . And that too within the circumstances of JOB, Family and lot of works within the Lifestyle


So postponed the exam to Jan 16, then again to March 16 and at last to 14th April as i did not want to attend it without having a 75% confidence (in fact 70$*3 times for pushing the exam)


During this period i extensively used Online Boot camp by Dr. Ginger, One stop shop by Anup Kumar mixing with reread of SPM ,and Anup's ECO task based diagram .

I could not follow a discipline to be honest, instead prioritized based on the mood what i want to use or read . Eg- during jogging used the boot camp audio with earphone


In the 2nd phase used Exam Practice test (both by Dr Ginger) and Question bank by Anup Kumar


Initially focused on 20 questions at a time .Progressing to 50 Qs then 100 and then to 170 by that way managed to get time in control


At last I won my day ....Cheers .


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