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Congrats to Mr. Shaleen Sheoran for clearing PgMP Certification

PgMP - Preparation, Lesson Learned and Life Post exam

Hello All

Would like to take an opportunity to share my experience of PgMP – Preparation , Lesson Learned and life post PgMP.


Though the idea of upgrading myself and achieving was there since years, but in terms of preparation I started preparing in Nov 2014. It was a dedicated 3 months of study , developing and aligning my understanding in terms to PgMP, associating the day to day experiences and lot of analysis and brain storming that I had to put to achieve this certification.

SPMV3 : I read this book around 5-6 times focusing on each and every word , linking the different domains and phases , developing and fitting pieces which fits where in the actual course of events etc. This was the base on which I formed all my understanding and preparation plan. The first read took time approx. 20 days but as I progressed in the preparation, during last days I could manage a quick read in 2 days helping me a last minute quick refresh.

ECO: These were big help in understanding the flow and program frame work . It is very important to understand it 100 % and also able to connect this with SPMV3. Went through it 3-4 times and in a way had logically kept the order of tasks in my mind in case there are direct references in the exam 

Study Material from Anup:

In parallel to SPMV3 and ECO also referred to material provided by Anup( PgMP) and it really helped a lot to seal the understanding of every chapter. The material was a glimpse of all the key concepts, important and critical points which one mout be aware to take the Exam. Had read this in parallel with SPMV3 5-6 times.

Also went through a Question Bank of 450 Questions that helped me have a peek into the question type, format and in a way helped me to judge my own preparation, understanding and readiness for the exam.

Lesson Learned:

a) Important to be very clear about concepts , terms used in SPMV3

b) Critical to mind map and have a very clear progressive understanding of all the domains, which piece fits where, how they interlink etc.

c) Taking the test honestly and using the results to fill the gaps in knowledge will prove vital.

d) Know your strong and weak areas before taking the exam

e) Very important to relax and read the questions very carefully, most of them are tweaked and start with one domain but end up in other. Only a relaxed mind will be able to catch this twist.

f) To me the time of 4 hours proved less and there were lot of nervous moments where I felt really low on confidence – but it’s important of keep pulling yourself up and bring your focus again on the exam. Do plan the 4 hours well.

Life post PgMP:

It has been a great feeling and amazing 10 days so far post exam. There is a new desire to understand everything again, apply more and more the concepts learned in day to day activities. Feeling rejuvenated professionally with a new sense of confidence and aspiration to achieve more.

On a closing note hope the above content proves helpful to new aspirants and would be glad to help anyone looking to prepare for PgMP.

Cheers Shaleen

Mr. Shaleen is one of the First 100 PgMP credential holder in India....!!!

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