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Congrats to Mr. Sreedhar Jetty for clearing PgMP Certification

I am happy to inform that, I passed PgMP test today August 4th on first attempt. A big thanks to all the group members who shared and posted their experience and lessons learned.

Thanks a lot. I am happy to share my experience on my PgMP certification journey.

1. I studied SPM v3 and ECO repetitively. Every additional time I studied, I used to capture/ get some kind of better understanding over its previous study.

Tried to make mind mapping and linked my real time work experience with the concepts/ processes mentioned in SPM v3 to get better understanding.

2. Practiced Mr. Anup Kumar's PgMP sample question bank a couple of times.

3. Regularly accessed this Linked In Group for the experiences shared to get the encouragement/ drive to earn the certification.

4. Did not study SPM v2.

5. Did not attend to any of the boot camps, on line trainings and any other Question banks/ practice tests.

6. I had some difficulty in answering all the questions in the exam. I could go through and answer only 160 questions and could not read the last 10 questions.

7. I did not mark any questions for review at later stage during the exam.

8. Unfortunately, I could not have access to the hard copies/ printed materials by Dr. Ginger, Mr. Jean Gouix, (recommended by many) as the same are not deliverable to UAE. (I tried and failed to get these materials delivered to me)

-- Sreedhar


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