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Congrats to Ms. Elaine Orr Feitel for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed the PgMP yesterday. Thank you for the guidance here!

Finally after an intense amount of concentrated studying, I passed the PgMP yesterday. Just wanted to thank the people in this group who have shared their knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences.


A special thanks goes out to:

•Dr. Ginger Levin: who provided guidance and encouragement after a first failed attempt. Her bootcamp contains a valuable treasure of questions that focus on each area and were absolutely instrumental in reviewing months after first watching the sessions, and her Practice Test and Study Guide book was excellent for getting me (finally) away from my PM thinking.

•Jean Gouix and Marial Bellec’s book PgMP Exam Preparation was a huge help as well since it gives reasons WHY the wrong answers are wrong, like “too tactical, think strategic”. This was very helpful to me in understanding why I was missing these and help me to turn my thinking around.

•Question banks from both Anup Kumar's "One Stop Shop" and Dharam Singh were helpful as well to continually force myself to face a barrage of questions reinforcing the concepts.

-- Elaine


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