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Congrats to Ms. Encarnación Pérez for clearing PgMP Certification

PgMP test passed today in Madrid.Thanks to all the group members.

I passed the exam on first attempt.

As for my lessons learned, the main one is that it is not so important how many times you read the material but how deep you do it.

I did a first superficial reading. But the really deep one took me almost two weeks as I was doing summaries, drawings and diagrams as I was reading. During the next reading I was looking at this diagrams to make sure I was understanding all the processes and finally I did a final one to recall all the contents. Almost four weeks.

The second one is to make sure you now the times and the contents for the main documents.

I want to thank Anup Kumar for his help during the application process and Dr. Ginger as I followed her exam book.

I want to specially thank Melinda Malamoco, she has been a great support and help during this time. We have shared impressions and sometimes frustrations :). Good luck in your test, Melinda.


Ms. Encarnación Pérez is the 4th PgMP from Spain


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