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Congrats to Ms. Eunice Duran for clearing PgMP credential

I'm PgMP !!!!! 2/24/2017

Hello everyone! I am truly happy to share with you that today I obtained PgMP certification! Thanks God, and the unconditional support of my family!

Professionally, I thank Anup Kumar, Ginger Levin, PMOAdvisory, and IiL.Mexico. I also studied the books of Leithy Mohamed Leithy and Jean Gouix & Martial Bellec, and I must have studied The Standard for Program Management about 10 times !!!!!! And ECO about 3 times.

Truly challenging, because you must have knowledge and experience on: programs, projects, portfolio and strategic planning. But is it worth it! Wao !!!! I did it!!!!!

Thanks Ginger, Thanks Anup !!!!!!!!

-- Eunice

Reference link:

Ms. Eunice Duran is one of the first few PgMP Credential holder in Dominican Republic


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