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Congrats to Ms. Nisha Mittal for clearing PgMP Certification

Cleared my PgMP Exam !

I finally gave my PgMP exam over this weekend and cleared. This was my first attempt and I was stressed but I am glad I made it ! I would like to Thank this group and for all the discussions that gave me support and also knowledge to decide to go ahead and this goal that I developed a passion for in last few months.

My tips -

1. Standard for Project Management V3 (SPM) was my key guide for knowledge. I read it about 6 times.

2. Assessed my knowledge via "PgMP Exam Preparation and Study Guide - Second Edition" by Jean Gouix and Martial Bellec. I gave it three times and final time a day before the exam I was at about 90% score.

3. Had I not attempted the questions in each knowledge area and practice exams from "PgMP® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide, Fourth Edition" by Dr Ginger Levin, I would have never realized how deep we need to go in SPM. Reading SPM after giving the practice exams from Dr Ginger's book, it was like reading for the first time. PLEASE do give practice exams after reading SPM couple of times. Thank you Dr Ginger for putting this guide together to help us all !

4. I would like to Thank Anup kumar Siva sankaran whose materials provided good insight into preparation requirement. Thanks so much Anup for all your guidance throughout.

5. Thank you Harisha Lakkavalli for all your help in clearing my concepts when I got confused. Cannot Thank you enough for responding to my questions within minutes late in the night right before the exam. Very useful insight.

6. I ready the ECO content and this was toughest part for me but I anyway read it few times.

7. PMBOK guide - fifth edition, I mainly found the chapters 6 and 7 on Time and Cost management to be most useful. Though I read the entire book once. Mainly just brushed through the first and last few..


Total preparation time for me was about 130 hours and about 4 weeks of casual and 2 weeks of dedicated study.


I used the entire 4 hours on the exam and was very careful about the time right from the start which was useful.


Thanks All of you for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you may have. I would love to help this community to whatever extent I can



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