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Congrats to Ms. Reshma Vittal for clearing PgMP Certification

Accomplished as a PgMP this evening!

First, I would like to thank Anup Kumar & Dharam Singh for patiently answering my questions, guidance with reference materials and tips for exam success!

Anup Kumar's One_Stop_Shop QB is amazing! Dr. Ginger and Jean's challenger QBs came in very handy too. The joy when I saw "Congratulations, you passed" with the proficiency levels after a 4 hour session cannot be expressed in words. My sincere thanks to everyone who guided me directly or indirectly.


PgMP future aspirants: Stay motivated and focused. Get your concepts right by rigorous practice, it boosts your confidence in answering lengthy scenario based questions and tests your time management skills. It is no rocket science and you can do it!




Reference link:

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