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Congrats to Ms. Tonya Taschereau for clearing PgMP Certification

PgMP journey - My lessons learned

Celebration over - sharing my lessons learned from my PgMP journey. Do not underestimate the amount of time required to complete the application process. Assume a few rounds of edits before you are ready to submit. Have a study plan. Everyone learns differently, you need to make a plan that will work for you and your study habits. Leverage all the lessons learned posts from others on this message board. I also had a dedicated and focused study partner. Thank you Jaume! I self-studied using the following materials: SPM, ECO, Code of Ethics, PgMP Exam Preparation & Study Guide by Jean Gouix, Martial Bellec, One Stop Shop question bank from Anup Kumar, and PgMP® Exam Challenge! by Ginger Levin, J. LeRoy Ward. Thank you Jean, Anup, and Dr. Ginger for giving back to the community with these excellent study aids and support you provide! I also created my own “map” that helped with understanding the relationship of the domains across the Program Lifecycle and artifacts associated. Prior to the exam, leverage practice question/ exams to validate your understanding and pace required to complete the exam. Focus your final studying on the areas with the highest percentage of questions. Have a plan for exam day. Use the computer tutorial time to brain dump. I was able to fit in two short breaks during the exam. If you have time, I recommend taking a break. It helped me stay focus. It is a tough exam and you have to put in the study time. You must have a solid understanding of the SPM and practical understanding of how to apply the concepts.

- Tonya

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