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Congrats to Ms. Yasmin Moosa for clearing PgMP Certification

Passed PgMP on first attempt !

Hi all,

I have been following this group for a few months and have obtained such valuable information from all your posts. I am pleased to announce that I passed my PgMP exam yesterday. I think I am the 17th person is South Arica, so I am really pleased.

I used Ginger Levine's book and Anup Kumar's test bank. A huge thank you to Anup for answering my last minutes questions.

My advice to aspiring PgMPs would be -

1. Have a study plan - and try and stick to it

2. Make sure you know the SPM and ECO in and out. You must basically know what every statement means. Try and apply it to a working situation which will help you to remember it.

3. Make sure that you know what comes next in the process. For example, if you create the Roadmap, what would be the next steps.

4. Keep a list of all the artefacts, and update your document whenever you come across a reference to it in the SPM or ECO. In that way at the end you have a full view of each artefact, where it gets created, who creates it, what the predecessors, successors, etc.

5. Keep track of which questions you are getting wrong when attempting any question banks, so that closer to the exam, you are not redoing all the questions - just the ones that you got wrong.

I wish everyone else who is going to write the exam, the best of luck.

Kind regards


Ms. Yasmin is 17th PgMP Credential holder in South Africa

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